The reason I built my website is to help small business owners with marketing strategies that work.

The issue I had when learning marketing, is I had to ask myself when reading long articles: "Okay, but tell me what to do already!"

This blog encapsulates my knowledge in easy to consume, action packed, bite-sized pieces. It will tell you exactly why and how to do something, and what will be the outcome.


My name is Benjamin Sallai. I'm a marketing consultant and blogger.

When I was 23, I became a director of an international franchise. This gave me knowledge, and experience. But I wanted more.

It's great to build one business, it's even better to help many to thrive. Fast forward a few years, I'm 26. Running my own agency, I work with small businesses to generate them more exposure, leads but more importantly - revenue.


A Few Ways I Can Help


Sometimes your business need a little push in the right direction. My consultation is ideal for business owners with more free time. I will coach you in the required areas (see the options below).

Ideal if...

  • You’re willing to learn
  • You want to handle the marketing yourself
  • You’re looking for an effective solution with a single purchase

Done For You

If you want the best results, let a professional handle your marketing. I can help with generating traffic, exposure and leads.

Ideal if...

  • You want quick, measurable, and impressive results
  • You want professionals to handle your marketing
  • You’re comfortable with paying a monthly retainer

Content Creation

Valuable content is the most important marketing tool. It's something that every business must use. No questions. But it can be a hassle sometimes. Not for me. I'm writing for 14+ years now, and I'm loving it better by the day! I can create ad copy or blog for your business.

Ideal if...

  • You need quality articles for your blog
  • You need copywriting for your ads that sell
  • You need your written content to be SEO optimized

What Can I Help With


Search Engine Optimization


    Email Campaigns

    Content Creation

    Business Development