Free Online Business Audit

Are you leaving money on the table by having issues on your website or social media? The simple answer is.. Chances are yes.

9 out of 10 websites I visit either...

  • Doesn’t have a Facebook Pixel – which is valuable data lost
  • Not GDPR compliant – which is required by law
  • Slow and buggy – makes customers go elsewhere

Just to name a few issues.

Get a Free Audit from me and identify these problems before you're losing more business!

What's Included?


Facebook currently have 2.2 billion active users. Your customers are on Facebook, period.

I will analyze your Facebook page and identify issues with your about page, front page, posts, posting frequency and missing important infos.

General Data Protection Regulation has been implemented by the European Union in 2018.

I will analyze your website to see if you're GDPR compliant so you can avoid massive fines.

SEO & Content
Search Engine Optimization is a key for customers to find your business in Google.

I will do a throughout research and report about your website. Including content quality, page score, speed, missing attributes... everything!