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GDPR Guide: How to Avoid Fines in 3 Simple Steps2 min read

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GDPR is now in place since May 2018, but most websites are failing to catch up with the regulation.

As it may be a hassle, if you have a website in the EU, you’re required by law to obey this act.

In this simple guide, I’ll teach you how to create a consent banner, making your website GDPR compliant!

It will look like this:

1. Register at

Go here:

Cookiebot Registration

Register an account and confirm your email address.

This website allows you to create a consent banner, that you need to install on your website.

2. Settings

Enter your domain name, then move on to the dialog tab.

Cookiebot GDPR Main Screen

Edit the following settings (or copy my settings below):

Template: Where you want to display your consent banner.

Method: Hide the banner after the user selected the options, or display it at all times.

Type: The depth of options you want the user to select from.

GDPR Cookiebot Dialog Tab

3. Install the script

Now that you’ve finished the setup, the only thing left is installing the script.

You need to install this script to the <head> of all your pages.

Move to the “Script” tab and copy the top code.

Cookiebot GDPR Script


WordPress Users

1. Install the plugin “Insert Headers & Footers”.

2. Open Settings -> Headers and Footers

3. Copy the code to the “Scripts in Header” section.

Insert Headers & Footers Settings

4. Click save.

Everyone Else

1. Open the source code of your web pages

Head Tag Codes

2. Insert the code between the <head> and </head> section.

You might want to ask your developer to do this. Only to make sure there are no mistakes made.


You now have a functioning GDPR consent banner on your webpage.

What’s more, Cookiebot will automatically translate the consent banner to the visitor’s language.

Did you manage to set up your banner?

Was it easy?

Let me know in the comments, and make sure to share this guide with fellow business owners!

I’m a marketing consultant and blogger. Focusing my efforts on creating simple, actionable marketing guides, for small business owners.

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