Speed Up Wordpress: 3 Plugins For A 20x Faster Website

Speed Up WordPress: 3 Plugins For A 20x Faster Website4 min read

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It’s time to speed up WordPress and leave the 6-second speed loads behind.

Tuning your website will:

  • Create a better user experience
  • Helps you rank better in Google.
Today, you’ll learn how to speed up WordPress, achieving <1 second loading speed, with 3 simple plugins.

There are quite a few metrics Google use to rank pages. One major element of them is speed.

I spent a day searching, installing, fine-tuning and testing plugins to see which one gives the best results.

Going from 6-9 second loading speed, and an awful a lot of issues, this is what I achieved:

Speed Up WordPress


But, before we get into it…

Requirements To Speed Up WordPress


The most basic requirement of a fast website is a reliable hosting provider with proven speed metrics.

Most bloggers recommend Bluehost, and InMotion Hosting.

InMotion seems to be the fastest provider, and I’ve personally used them in the past.

Bluehost is the most advocated by bigger websites like Pat Flynn’s SmartPassiveIncome.com

Shop around online to find the most suitable for you.


Your theme must be very well made if you want to run a fast website.

I use the X Theme. It’s super easy to use, responsive and beautiful.

On my other one-page websites I prefer TheSaaS.

For more themes, shop around at Themeforest.

Image Size

Large images slow down your website.

Before uploading, make sure you compress your pictures with Optimizilla.

It can decrease the size of the file by 50-70% while keeping the quality sharp.

I use it on all my images with great results! You can also use plugins such as Smush or Optimus.

These will further compress the images after you’ve uploaded them to your website.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs store your files on their network of servers.

Whenever a user visiting your website, he will be connected to the closest one. Dramatically increasing the speed to reach your website.

I recommend using Cloudflare.

You don’t need the paid versions, the free option is sufficient.

Sign up, follow the instructions.


Once you’re done, let’s see the 3 plugins I’m using.

Swift Performance

I start with the plugin that I found very recently. It doesn’t appear to be so popular, but this is the best one I’ve ever used to speed up WordPress.

Grab it here: Swift Performance Lite

I use the free version.

Once you’ve installed it, you’ll be greeted with a setup wizard which will analyze your site.

Swift Performance Analysis

Once it’s finished scanning, click “Continue Wizard” as we want a manual setup.

The next up is caching, copy the settings below.

Swift Performance Caching

If you’re using Cloudflare, make sure to tick “Enable Auto Purge”.

Then go to Cloudflare –> Settings –> Select your website –> Scroll down to the API section –> Get your API key

Cloudflare API

Now, scroll down and click “View” of your Global API key.

Cloudflare View API Key

You need to enter your password and confirm captcha.

Copy the key to the “Cloudflare API key” section, and also enter your email address.

Done? Good. Let’s move forward with Optimization settings.

Swift Performance Optimization

Tick everything, click Continue.

Last step, Media.

Swift Performance Media

One you hit Continue, the plugin has been set up.

Good job!

Important: You might have a conflict with other plugins. For example, I’m using GetResponse for the forms on my website. 

The forms didn’t load with Swift Performance switched on. 

If anything as such happens: Go to Swift Performance Settings –> Plugin Organizer –> Add a rule for Swift to exclude the plugin from being modified

GetResponse Rules

Next up:

Fast Velocity Minify

Fast Velocity reduces HTTP request by merging CSS and Javascript files. 

Find it here: Fast Velocity Minify

Install it, and select the following setting:

Fast Velocity Minify

JS & CSS Script Optimizer

This plugin works similarly to Fast Velocity. 

Download: JS & CSS Script Optimizer

Settings for this plugin:

JS & CSS Script Optimizer

Important:  At the Javascript minifier section, select “Minify by Steve Clay”. The other option selected on default won’t work.


If you followed my instructions clearly to speed up WordPress, you should be seeing similar results:

Wordpress Speed


Once again, the steps to consider:

  1. Get a decent hosting provider
  2. Use a well-made theme
  3. Compress images before uploading
  4. Set up Cloudflare CDN
  5. Install & configure the plugins I recommended


Let me know below your achievements! Did you make your website blazing fast?

Make sure to comment below & share this article!

I’m a marketing consultant and blogger. Focusing my efforts on creating simple, actionable marketing guides, for small business owners.

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